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PR Newswire Webinar Invitation - How to Write a Good English Press Release
Dear Client,

Press releases can serve a myriad of purposes, whether for obligatory financial disclosures, personnel change announcements or the unveiling of a brand new product. Yet writing the press release that perfectly presents your message can be a challenge, and all the more so for local companies seeking to reach an international audience.

PR Newswire is thus pleased to provide a FREE webinar that will help you to:
  • Understand the basic structure a press release should follow
  • Choose the information to include that will best catch the eyes of readers and journalists
  • Consider your best options for incorporating multimedia elements into your release for better results
  • Meet acceptability standards for PR Newswire distribution
  • Use appropriate SEO terms to help, not hinder, your release
14:00-15:00 BJT, Oct. 15
Suggested Attendees:

Anyone who writes English releases or those unfamiliar with the fundamentals of writing press releases for international audiences
Subject: How to Write a Good English Press Release
Speaker: PR Newswire Webinar Invitation - How to Write a Good English Press ReleaseCaroline Killmer
Senior Editor, PR Newswire

Caroline holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Missouri School of Journalism. She moved to Beijing in 2005, where she has worked in marketing and media for both local and international corporations and publications. She joined PR Newswire in 2012.

* Due to the line capacity, this live conference is available for 120 online customers. Please don't worry if you fail to connect, as we will record the whole seminar and follow up with a video link after the training for your easy viewing.

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  • 介绍新闻稿基本架构
  • 选取最佳新闻点吸引媒体和读者关注
  • 合理使用多媒体元素,提升新闻稿发布效果
  • 解释美通社新闻稿发布的接收准则
  • 建议SEO规则的合理运用,以利于新闻稿被搜出
时间: 北京时间10月15日 14:00-15:00
参与人群: 英文稿件撰稿人
主题: 如何撰写英文新闻稿

PR Newswire Webinar Invitation - How to Write a Good English Press ReleaseCaroline Killmer


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