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  • 中文网站可同步抓取企业中文稿,及时对外披露信息,到达所有受众。
  • 满足监管机构及法律法规要求,同时迎合国内市场需求。
  • 帮助企业进行更全面的国内品牌宣传,展示企业特色和优势。
  • 便于国内股东和潜在投资者获取及理解信息,进而实现企业与其充分互动,促进投资人做出投资决策,提升企业估值。
如果您想要了解更多有关中文网站或是网站改版详情,欢迎邮件至 ircs@prnasia.com 或电话010-59539588,同时您也可咨询您的客户经理。
PR Newswire Launch Chinese Investor Relations Website Service
To meet the needs of more Chinese companies, PR Newswire now launch Chinese Investor Relations website construction service. Based on the existing English website, we can create a Chinese website with a unified template to achieve a seamless integration of Chinese and English websites. We can also innovate the website according to the client’s request, to optimize the function and design of the investor relations website.
Why build a Chinese Investor Relations website:
  • Chinese website can simultaneously capture the Chinese press releases to disclose investor information and reach all domestic audiences timely.
  • In meet the need of regulatory laws, regulations and the domestic market.
  • Chinese website can help the company carry out more comprehensive domestic brand promotion and show corporate characteristics.
  • For domestic shareholders and prospective investors, the Chinese website is more convenient to get and read information, realize full interaction with the company. And then promote investors to make investment decisions and enhance company valuation.
PR Newswire has been committed to assisting listed companies in strengthening communication and cooperation with institutional investors, and constantly improving investor relations website services to meet corporate compliance and communication needs.
If you want to learn more about the Chinese website or website revision details, please email to ircs@prnasia.com or phone 010-59539588, and you can also consult your account manager.